Real Estate Law


My staff and I help facilitate your purchase and sale transactions by taking control of the process. My more than 44 years experience in this field, together with my two decades of teaching at the Law Society of Upper Canada, will ensure that your real estate transaction closes smoothly and punctually.


There are no pre-established fees for purchases, sales, refinancing, or other related real estate matters. I do not provide discount fees, nor will I cut corners in the work to be done and thereby reduce fees inordinately just to attract clients. I follow the Law Society guidelines in performing my work, including the necessary searches, meeting with clients, advising them on the various documents to be signed. Although some tasks are delegated to my staff, I insist on meeting my clients personally when the time comes to sign the legal documents. I confirm my fees in writing.

The disbursements are, for example, amounts paid to others for searches or registration fees. These may be paid to a title searcher or other agent, to a government ministry, or to a municipality. Disbursements are part of the accounts. Title insurance, one of the disbursements, constitutes a valuable security to protect your property interest. It may also allow a purchaser to save money on certain disbursements. The title insurance policy is an agreement to indemnify the insured regarding a specific interest in a designated property in the event that a loss ever arises from one or more specified causes. By virtue of the policy, the purchaser has a right of redress against the insurer if an insured occurrence gives rise to a claim. When meeting with clients, I discuss the type of losses that the title insurance policy covers, and the advantages of obtaining it.

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