Wills and Estates Law


For over four decades, I have helped innumerable individuals in preparing their wills and powers of attorneys for property and for personal care. I frequently advise families on estate planning matters to ensure orderly transitions of their businesses and property. Creative ways of reducing probate fees are also discussed regularly, always bearing in mind the best interests of the clients at all times.


As with real estate transactions, there are no pre-set fees. I frown upon such questions as "How much do you charge for a simple will?" There is no simple will!

When I meet with my clients, I canvass all matters surrounding their family situation, their assets, their wishes. As my practice includes estate litigation, I have seen the negative consequences of a will hastily prepared without having considered all the relevant surrounding circumstances of a client’s situation, or what happens when all issues have not been covered at the time of the making of the will. The conclusion is easy to understand: there is no such thing as a simple will or standard will for the prudent testator or testatrix.

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